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Who we are

NewDo is a venture capital firm started by energetic minds. We are fully devoted to help startups to succeed at their initial stage. We genuinely believe that NewDo has the uppermost advantage to help facilitate the growth of startup companies at their early stages.

China development and cooperation

  • NewDo Venture provide support to the business expansion of portfolio companies besides granting access to China investment opportunities.
  • NewDo Venture co-invest with some Limited Partners to provide sustained capital support to company development
  • NewDo Venture boasts extensive personal connections and profound cooperation history within the investment circle, and co-invest with peers to create win-win

Valued added services

Perform investor responsibilities based on the partnership of mutual benefits and mutual trust, and promote the innovation and growth of portfolio companies to create leader companies through proactive value added services.
  • NewDo Venture will effectively leverage the various resources and brand influence of NewDo to provide assistance and support to portfolio companies, and act as an investor with values
  • Partners of NewDo Venture have years of experience in industries and with enterprises, and will play active roles on portfolio company boards
  • NewDo Venture set up a specialized internal advisory team which provides coaching and support to portfolio companies on HR management, financial management, business process management, and legal affairs

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