NewDo is a venture capital fund committed to delivering top-tier financial returns by supporting the world’s best entrepreneurs in becoming conscious leaders and building companies that create value for all stakeholders.

Companies that create a positive future for every stakeholder build real lasting value for themselves, and humanity – and they get rewarded for it. These companies leverage more from their full ecosystem, innovate faster, execute more efficiently, and attract top talent. As a result, they outperform their traditional counterparts.

By performing investor responsibilities based on the partnership of mutual benefits and mutual trust, and promote the innovation and growth of portfolio companies to create leader companies through proactive value-added services, we genuinely believe that NewDo has the uppermost advantage to help facilitate the growth of startup companies at their early stages.

NewDo works with some of the world's most visionary entrepreneurs and business leaders to build truly transformational companies. Our active portfolio includes more than 40 growing businesses in the technology and healthcare sectors.

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Our portfolio companies are the center of everything we do. We help in almost every dimension of building your company: hiring, strategy, financing, scaling, introductions and managing a great exit. We know we’re doing our job if we’re your first call.

NewDo partners with VC firms, incubators and later-stage finance corporations all around the world to build a supportive network for portfolio companies.

Finding a mentor, or several...Our advisory network includes senior executives and scholars from leading tech companies like Huawei and Baidu and top universities like Stanford and Tsinghua.

Form relationships with people who have been there, done that, and are positioned to help you bust down the doors that need to be opened so you can realize your company’s vision.